Pet Salon and Day Spa Resort

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Important Information
Business Hours - Tuesday - Saturday 8am - 4pm PST by appointment
Pickup/Drop Off - clients can come into the shop upto the picket fence for drop off and pickup.
Restroom for employees only.

A Cut Above Pet Salon is committed to giving your pet the best care possible.  Not only do we provide the best possible grooming services to your pet, but we also have a beautiful boutique that carries all the pet supplies that you need to give your pet the care that it needs.  We carry supplements, natural gourmet treats, pet health products, dog and cat shampoos, toys, clothing, fashion collars and leashes, and more.

Certified Companion Animal Hygienist

Serving: La Verne, Claremont, San Dimas, North Pomona, Pomona Glendora and Upland

Please call for appointment at
Ph. 951-203-5560
Add: 3836 Emerald Suite G., La Verne California 91750

Botique Product Dog Leashes and Collars

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